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If you’re looking for an affordable roofing company in Bloomington IN who delivers stunning results, then you’ve come to the right place. At Equity Builders Roofing, we pride ourselves in being one of the best in roofing Bloomington IN and beyond. Our team has decades of experience in both residential and commercial roofing and we undergo continuous training to stay abreast of the latest in technology and quality materials to make sure that your roofing project meets with the success you deserve.

Not all roofing contractors are the same. Some make it a practice to cut corners to lower their costs or to save time. Other contractors would rather focus on being profitable above doing what’s right for the customer. And then there are companies like us. Our aim, from start to finish is to keep you and the things you hold precious safe in the most cost-effective way. It’s why our team is trained to inspect, assess, and determine what the real problem is with each and every roofing project.

By determining the cause of the problem, as well as contributing factors, we can design a unique project that meets your needs and desires in the most economical way. Sometimes that is a full tear off and roof replacement. Other times a simple repair and ongoing roof maintenance is all you need to get the job done. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services!


Even if you have the highest quality roof installed, there is a good chance that it will need to be repaired at some point. However, determining when repair is needed versus a complete overall can be a bit tricky. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a professional Bloomington roofing contractor visit your home or office building to do a thorough inspection of your roof and the underlying structure.

At Equity Builders Roofing, our team is professionally trained to look for the underlying problems that cause such symptoms as a leaking ceiling, curling asphalt shingles, or discoloration on the roofing tiles. If after a thorough inspection, we find that the roof can be made to function as before or even better with a few minor repairs, then we’ll discuss the options with you and have you decide which works for you. It may be a simple fix, such as replacing a few slate tiles, or resealing an EPDM roof at the seams.

With the level of experience we have to offer your roof replacement project, there is very little that we haven’t seen or dealt with in the industry. Plus, our team of roofing specialists and contractors are constantly being trained in new and innovation solutions for your roofing needs. We stay abreast of industry innovations, so you don’t have to.

A replacement roof is an investment of the first order. It is designed to protect your home or business for decades to come from storms that frequent the area, from the high winds and hail, to the torrential downpours. That is why; using the highest quality material from trusted manufacturers is something that we insist on. And since we want you, our customer to be able to enjoy your roof for many years to get more info come, we won’t cut corners when it comes to materials used.

We strive to be the leader in the industry for commercial roofing in Bloomington Indiana. Today, we offer the highest quality products and commercial roof installation craftsmanship in the industry. Our series of inspection process ensure that every area is sealed tight and done right the first time.

One of the main reasons why so many business owners come to us for their commercial roofing needs is the depth of our overall experience. From our estimators to our project managers, everyone has been working in the industry for years, and we’ve seen just about every potential roofing situation that can exist in the area. Not only do we have expertise in low-slope or “flat roof” but we also have dealt with situations where the commercial building calls for a higher pitch.

And if you have specialized roofing needs in order to accommodate your energy efficiency needs, or for a specialized product or device, don’t worry. We’ve worked with many different industries, and have experience making sure your specific needs are met.

There are plenty of benefits to creating a comprehensive roof maintenance plan for your building. First, it’s a great way to keep your overall costs down. By having a professional team, like Equity Builders Roofing routinely checking for problems or potential dangers, you can authorize us to do the minor fixes or repairs quickly and easily as a part of the plan itself. That way we can make sure that a minor issue doesn’t become a bigger problem.

The first step in creating your unique roof maintenance plan is to give us a call. We’ll send experienced members of our team to do a baseline assessment of your roof, and discuss your concerns with you. Once that is completed, we’ll do any necessary repairs to make sure your roof is in great condition.


Equity Builders Roofing has been around for several decades and we understand how important it is to remain on the cutting edge. We’re proud to be seen as your go-to Bloomington roofing contractor. So if you’re considering getting your roof repair or replaced, either due to storm damage or aesthetic reasons, we invite you to give us a call to discuss your project.

Anyone looking for Bloomington roofers should look for Equity Builders Roofing! You may call us at (812) 650-2424 free inspection and a fair estimate! We’d love to hear from you! You may also visit us at 3211 N O'Brien Pl, Bloomington, IN 47404 for a free personal consultation. Contact us today!

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